Growing a business can be even more challenging than the initial start up phase.

You might find you need to employ staff, relocate to larger premises, take on additional product lines, and begin to manufacture your own products or possibly acquire another business. Each of these scenarios can have significant cash flow, compliance, legal and tax implications. Whatever your growth plans entail we can collaborate with you to help develop a detailed business plan and then assist with implementation. In some circumstances this can require additional specialist expertise and we can call on our network of alliance partners from a range of disciplines including marketing, information technology (IT) and legal.

As a business owner you need an accountant who does more than just ‘keep the score’. For this reason we don’t just look at what happened in the past, we look at what could happen in the future and aim to help you build a more robust and profitable business. We focus on the four ways to grow your business including:

  1. Increase the number of customers (of the type you want)

  2. Increase the number of times customers come back

  3. Increase the average value of each sale

  4. Increase the effectiveness of each process in the business


One of the most important aspects of managing a growing business is set realistic revenue targets and financial goals. These are usually based on a sound understanding of current, historical and projected financials. We will work with you to set key financial milestones and performance indicators that measure the progress of your growth plan. We are not your average accountant and understand what ‘growing pains’ really mean. We assist clients in the growth phase of their business life cycle by providing innovative, practical solutions tailored to their specific needs. We are passionate about small business and the success of our clients. Contact us to discuss how we can grow your profits and the value of your business today.

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